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What does this mean?

 I noticed to the left the feedburner graphic is showing a big X.  I clicked on it and got this message:

Access Denied The requested document, http://feeds.feedburner.com/, will not be shown.

Reason: Found in Denied List (Sex/Acts). Entry causing block is feeds.feedburner.com.

What the heck does that mean? 

Posted at 7:07:41 pm by msmarti

September 15, 2007   07:16 PM PDT
Hi. I'm dropping by because I've seen you listed in 5 mins for moms. I have no idea what this means, sorry. But I took a look around and I liked the previous post. I've never seen that one before.

You have a very nice blog.
June 23, 2007   05:40 PM PDT
Hey, whats up? Wishing you a great weekend anyway:-)
May 26, 2007   04:38 PM PDT
I haven't the faintest idea but it seams like Mr. X is pulling your leg!
Btw: don't pay attention to those error message - they're always wrong ;-)
May 22, 2007   06:04 AM PDT
Hey, I see it's working now. I think it was on their end. But I'll check to see which catagory it's listed under, me's can't remember.

YOU DID? You never got a confirmation? shame shame I will report that!!

I want you to come and visits me!
May 21, 2007   10:59 PM PDT
Wow that is strange. I tested it myself with my log URL and it said "Not valid RSS Feed".

I read down further and it had an option to test if its a valif RSS feed - and it said yes - then gave me some links unt schtuff to put on the blog.

Try it again. If it ends the same way - check and see if you have your log listed in the adults section on Blog Drives catagories settings.

OH! by the way - your forums dont like me. I filled out the form and it was supposed to send me email validation - which I never got. So I had it resend the email validation, and I still didnt get it.

I really did try..., but I guess your forums hates me... ? LOL

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