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Turkey Talk

Step 1: Go buy a turkey

Step 2: Take a drink of whiskey

Step 3: Put turkey in the oven

Step 4: Take another 2 drinks of whiskey

Step 5: Set the degree at 375 ovens

Step 6: Take 3 more whiskeys of drink

Step 7: Turn oven the on

Step 8: Take 4 whisks of drinky

Step 9: Turk the bastey

Step 10: Whiskey another bottle of get

Step 11: Stick a turkey in the thermometer

Step 12: Glass yourself a pour of whiskey

Step 13: Bake the whiskey for 4 hours

Step 14: Take the oven out of the turkey

Step 15: Take the oven out of the turkey

Step 16: Floor the turkey up off of the pick

Step 17: Turk the carvey

Step 18: Get yourself another scottle of botch

Step 19: Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey

Step 20: Bless the saying, pass and eat out


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Dancing With The Stars
This has turned out to be one of my favorite shows on TV. Having grown up in Texas I've seen a lot of Cowboy games and was a huge fan in the Troy Aikman days. I just love seeing Emmitt Smith dance. It is so to the extreme of playing football. image I think he is doing a great job. He is my personal favorite I'm glad to see he is in the finalist.

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How do you like your Pumpkin?
How do you like your Pumpkin?

I love anything with Pumpkin.
Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin cheesecake
Pumpkin ice-cream
Pumpkin blizzards

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Interesting Movie Link
Has there ever been times you want to know what happens in a movie without having to watch it?  Well now you can, visit www.themoviespiler.com and you can find out the beginning, middle and ending of current movies!

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Saturday Photo Hunt-Comfy

This looks like one comfy cat.  I can't tell if he's resting or too fat to move!


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Coffee Can Crafts

Ever wonder what to do with those empty coffee cans?  After I found these great ideas  I went out and bought more coffee just to have the cans. *lol* 

Instead of a loaf pan........Grease the inside of a clean coffee can and pour your favorite dough inside (half full for yeast breads, almost full for quick breads).  Loaves will pop out flawlessly and slice into perfect rounds.

Make a bag organizer!
  Keep plastic grocery bags neat: Cut an X in the plastic lid of a coffee can and use it to remove bags as needed-like tissues!

Car trouble kit-Pain a coffee can with glow-in-the-dark paint (available at crafts stores), then fill with pliers, Band-Aids, fuses, a flashlight-anything you might need in an emergency.  Place in the trunk of your car for easy spotting.

Where's my.....?  Keep a coffee can in your laundry room.  Toss in anything you find in your family's pockets before washing, and you'll never search for lost items again!

Got another idea?  Let me know!


Posted at 6:11:27 pm by msmarti
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Top 10 Things To Do This Fall
State Fair of Texas

Fall in near.....Woo Hoo!!  Check out what's going on in your neck of the woods.


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Where you live can decide how long you live
Find out where your  State ranks on the scale of 1-50. 


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Saturday Photo Hunt-Looking Up

The temperatures are cooling down.  It's been in the 80's this week so I went jogging 5 miles and this was my view.

*All comments are welcomed! Even if you are not participating in the Photo Hunt.


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Sewing into Fall
Here are two sewing projects I just completed. 

This is a Fall tapestry I made for my dinning room.  I'm currently working on the table runner to match.  Very easy and fun!

This is a wall hanging I made for my daughter to use next to her desk.  To hang you tie the ribbon on a stick.  These are so simple to make it only took a few hours, and not to mention fun!


Posted at 6:34:13 pm by msmarti
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