maria daniela » Maria D.
serine » hey
sefer » sefer feli
Niroj » hello
Niroj » hello
dfkldsakl;ds » hhhhh
pendoodles » Blessed Christmas and Very Happy New Year!
Daveman » you're missing again! Sister, Where art thou?
pendoodles » stoppin by with a }}}hug{{{ 4 ya!
megan » hello
Daveman » Where oh where is Ms Marty!?
plh » hey hey hey! welcome back Marti!
Daveman » MARTI! Missed you bunches and bunches! You need to update and tell all...., *HUGZ* Hope you and daughter are doing well.
texican412 » Found your blog through a webring. Very nice. As a native Texan living in Oregon, your pics sure make me homesick.
DK Raymer » I've never seen a blog with so many moving parts! I love it; will be back soon.
Dane Bramage » This is the coolest little blogthing I have seen. Where'd you get it?
The Doctor » football or soccer. I like dodgeball lol
herbert » hello from germany
Sean » Thanks for stopping by. I should post the rest of the story this afternoon. Unfortunately I can't get access to the stunt video.
plh » Woooooo Hoooooo im gone a week & come back - cool new blog Marti!!!
Penny » Forgot to tell you, Marti ... you are going to LOVE working with the fondant! It's really fun!
J f Z » mmmm. murble,
plh » YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM sprinklesssss *eats greedly and walks away with messy chocklate face hehehe
plh » btw... i think im gonna make the redneck wedding cake for our anniversary thats this thursday - 2 tiers only lol
plh » holy moly you tryin to get me fatter than i already am Marti? LOL
plh » purdy cakeee - is it for me? LOL
ARS » Hello... nice to know ur blog
J f Z » MMMM. Cake.
Poer » Have a nice day.... Warm greeting from Indonesia...
plh » Marti you heard from him last of anyone - he stopped blogging back in Febuary - he tagged you in July - it makes all of us quite sad- we were worried he died from that leg problem he had been having
Marti » I haven't heard from Daveman, but I sure wish he would come back!
plh » Daveman said goodbye to someone! WoW im like penny - have you heard from him since? we all have been worried to death about him
Penny » Wow! Daveman stopped & said Goodbye? Nobody else heard from him ... he just disappeared! Have you heard from him since then?
Alita » Hi, just doing some blog hopping. Nice blog.
jr » cool blog
Aile » Ooooo,,,,achives!
Dennis » Found your site through Globe of Blogs. Nice! From another Texan..
Wren » You have a very nice blog.
Daveman » Just saying my Goodbyes and spredding last minute Good Wishes. HUGZ!
Daveman » ***nudge-nudge** Ello? **nudge-nudge**. Uh oh!
Daveman » Aloe! Aloe! Ow R U do-eeng? Eye yam fyne tank kew berry mush
Aile » Hey, join the class you! I look forward to seeing you in the class mails!
Aile » Hey Marti, where I learned to make the graphics is linked in the the words PSPclass2
Aile » Marti! YAY!
Daveman » Okay its pretty - now post something - enquiring minds want to know.. something - anything, **slobber-slobber**
Friday » Marti ... try just chaning the layout and starting fresh. It looks like this has to do with the image server. A new layout will get red of all the images.
CheR » hi! just bloghopping.
BDI Staffer » new monday music mambo meme. check it out and have some fun..!!!
Aile » Marti, I grabbed your source code just in case. You can email me from my site if you need it. I can't grab your graphics as they are gone, but I still have all I made for you as your stalker
Aile » wow...more and more missing each day...
Aile » not "white listed"...what's that?
Geordae » Hi i really love this page i love the simplicity of it, very nice, talk to you later bye.
Myisha » Aww this is too cute..Take care ok
Nerdii » Great blog. Hope you are doing well.
Picker » Impeach George Bush
Your Stalker » Have you seen your valentines yet? Click me! I saved them for you!
Your Stalker » Your Stalker is revealed on the page
Your Stalker » It's reveal about we just DON'T tell who I am? Wouldn't that be great!? Hmm? I'm serious here!
Aile :D » Where's my stinkin' shoe...tee hee
Your Stalker » More gifts for you, my Valentine!
Dee » HUgzzzzzzzzzzzz moo moo head miss n love ya xoxox
Aile :D » WB!
Daveman » Thats true Marcus - except I also kings exed my fingers and spat twice which allows me a grace period for a extra-delux "Shakeramma WammaJammah". Sure its dirty pool but its fun
Marcus » Dave...::Clapping:: I think you should top that off with a double stampy..cause as we all know, you can't triple stamp a double stampy...
Your Stalker » STALK STALK!
Aile :D » Ain't ya back yet?
Daveman » Drive-by and a hook back repeat drive-by - tripple threat massive double Hugging... HA! Top dat!
Dee » drive by hugging.. miss ya hon xooxox I'll be back soon!
Aile » My left foot is awful cold...BRRR
Friday » Marti, do you know what happened to Don of Unbiased, Unfair, Unreasonable? I miss his blog
Your STaLkeR » STalk stalk stalk! Have a good trip tomorrow!
Marcus » That is what I expected. An upbeat stalker is quite rare.
Daveman » She's employed me as her usual psychotic stalker (a public image issue and status symbol). The Upbeat Stalker was unplanned Im sure. (?)
Marcus » A stalker? You seem to have a very upbeat stalker. Much less psychotic than the usual stalker. Like your blog
Your Stalker » Gift 4 uploaded and awaiting you, my sweet valentine!
Ria » Poppin in to say *HI* Wishing you a FAB Day-Warm Hugz='Ria
Daveman » You got a talented stalker what makes awesome blinkies and stuff. All I got to give is a silly old hug. But I'll give it to you anyway **dave runs and tackles Marti - delivers massive hugging**
Christina » cute blog. i'll be back to visit again soon. just stopping by to say hello to a fellow bdi member
Your Stalker » You have more gifts, sweet one!
Daveman » Al Bundy was my boss - what can I say? There's no business like Shoe business... Unless of course its something else altogether
Aile :D » Did your valentine make that calendar or is that from the "cute colors" page?
Aile :D » I went to "cute colors" WOW!
Aile :D » Ignore him...he's a shoe-ster!
Daveman » That makes Aiel a "sole sistah" now
Your Stalker » I'm watching you...
Aile :D » Hey, thanks for the shoe, LOL
Daveman » There You Are!
Your Stalker » YOU are being stalked...mercy be with you!
Patty » Hi, Marti, just here to wish you a nice weekend.
BDI Stalker ADMIN » Marti - if you are still plan to stalk I need you to go to the stalker page and read update and respond to URGENT update ASAP
jefferson » Thanks for the tag-board hit. Interesting reading you have here
Daveman » "I'm awake now." *** pulls sheets back over head** ((yawn))) "Im awake..".., Zzzzzz-Zzzzzz-Zzzzz
Aile » WOO HOO! STalk me stalk me!
Marti » Yes-I'm in
Aile » Hey, your name's not on the stalker list! Aren't you going to play with us? This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!
Marti » I'm awake, I'm awake. Just taking a nap was all.
Daveman » **dave nudges marti a couple of times - sniffs her a bit** "Wake up. I know yer not ded." **nudge-nudge**
Friday's Child » Marti I need to know are you participating in the Stalker Project?